From Coast to Coast: Vacation Home Ownership that Works

By Rich Keith


Make hotels a thing of the past. If your dream vacation is spending a week on the slopes in Tahoe, exploring New York City at the holidays, hitting the surf in Hawaii or day-tripping around Seabrook Island, you can do it all from the comfort and privacy of your own high-end vacation home. Collective asset ownership takes the idea of fractional real estate to a whole new level, combining the ease of residence club living with the comfort of home ownership to give you and your family the time to unwind and make memories while rounding out your investment portfolio.

A Smart Investment

Once you acquire an LLC share in the LifestyleOne portfolio, you have ownership and access to six high-end vacation homes that offer comfort, privacy and luxury. Your buy-in ensures that for a minimum of 30 days each year, you and your family will relax and build quality memories in some of the most sought-after vacation destinations. Since you own the homes, you start building equity on day one. 

It's All About Location

The unique LifestyleOne portfolio gives you access to homes worth $1 to $2 million. From New York City to Maui, family vacations in your favorite destinations are right at your fingertips. These locations were hand-picked to ensure that you're always close enough to home so that you spend your time unwinding instead of traveling, but they're just far enough away so you can leave your day-to-day stress behind. Best of all, you own the homes you stay in, so your time with your family is even more special.

Hassle-Free Ownership

Collective asset ownership gives you the benefit of owning the properties you stay in without any of the hassle of the upkeep or maintenance. You live a busy life and your time is precious. Spend your down time the way you should — enjoying quality time with your family in spectacular coastal locations as you soak in the beauty of Seabrook Island, SC or enjoy the white-sand beaches of St. John. It's time to make your vacations work for you through a sound financial investment that has a payoff that's good for your family and your portfolio.

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