Real Estate Continues to Appreciate and Beat Inflation


Case-Shiller recently released their report for the month ending June 2015, and the appreciation trend in real estate continues. For the period ending June 2015, home prices showed a 4.5 percent appreciation nationwide over the prior year ending June 2014. This current gain in appreciation is nice for investors who find real estate as a safe investment to protect their money and ward off inflation. 

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Thinking of Buying a Beach Home? Read This First.

At some point, nearly everyone fantasizes a bit about the allure of owning a beach home. And why not? Time at the beach with family and friends ranks on the top 3 wish list for most people as the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean are undeniably hypnotic. But behind the romance of all this lies a stark reality that stuns most when they discover this one fact: the cost of insurance in hurricane zones.

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Forbes: Regular Travel Is Really Good for You

It's something most people instinctively know: Travel is fun. Now comes the news, however, that travel is extraordinarily beneficial.  Taking time to get away from "normal" life is good for body and soul. However, planning for those family vacations can be a hassle. Short, getaway trips to relax and rejuvenate often lose out to long weekends of "doing nothing" at home. 

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Lifestyle Asset Group Adds 70 Destinations for Investors to Enjoy

Lifestyle Asset Group's Collective Asset Ownership model was created to resonate with those who want to be true investors in quality resort and city real estate, which translates into meaningful equity and gains in values from the underlying properties.

The destinations of LifestyleOne were chosen by 1,000s of high net worth survey participants who submitted their top 6 destinations in which they would want to own a luxury second home (defined as $1m or above). While potential for appreciation was a big factor in the selection process, equally important was access to a robust resort amenity infrastructure for our LLC owners to enjoy.  With glowing testimonials over the last year from our LifestyleOne owners, and a 30% increase in their equity, we are confident the destination choices were good ones.

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Which Is the Better Investment: A Traditional Stock Portfolio or a Luxury NYC Condo?

When most people think of investing, traditional vehicles like stocks are typically the first thing that comes to mind. But, the stock market is not the only way to increase your net worth, and may not even be the best way. Many investors are finding greater success adding luxury real estate to their portfolios.

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Vacation Home Ownership Sales Reach Record-Setting Highs

The National Association of Realtors reported last week that US vacation home sales soared in 2014 to levels not seen since 2006. Buyers for vacation homes acquired 1.13 million residences, an increase of 57% above the 717,000 transactions completed in 2013.

It is obvious from this report that discretionary spending has roared back to life, which is a great signal for the US economy.

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How Lifestyle Asset Group Improves Upon Fractional Ownership

The Next Generation of Second Home Ownership

In order to truly relax in your vacation home, it's important to know that you have made a good investment. Traditional fractional ownership programs may offer exciting destinations and top-notch amenities, but can they also offer the reassurance that you're not throwing your money away? Lifestyle Asset Group has significantly improved upon the fractional model to make sure you not only have great vacation experiences, but you also participate in a sound real estate investment.

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From Coast to Coast: Vacation Home Ownership that Works

Make hotels a thing of the past. If your dream vacation is spending a week on the slopes in Tahoe, exploring New York City at the holidays, hitting the surf in Hawaii or day-tripping around Seabrook Island, you can do it all from the comfort and privacy of your own high-end vacation home. Collective asset ownership takes the idea of fractional real estate to a whole new level, combining the ease of residence club living with the comfort of home ownership to give you and your family the time to unwind and make memories while rounding out your investment portfolio.

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