Travel is the Only Thing You Buy that Makes You Richer

Earlier this week, a Facebook post said simply:

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”.

At first pass, this might create a, “Ya sure”, kind of response. Further, perhaps the cost of your last trip for leisure just showed up on your credit card statement and you don’t feel richer at all. But when you allow it to sink in just a bit, there is far more wisdom in those 11 words than one might think.

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Let Golf Be Your Game As You Enjoy Tahoe's Natural Beauty

As a busy executive, you know that the right timing is often the catalyst that drives a successful deal. The same is true with vacations. Seizing an opportunity for a short vacation trip is every bit as important as knowing the proper moment to act on a business proposal.

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Pinehurst Beckons Golfers: As a Lifestyle Asset Group Investor, Visit When You Wish

If your ideal vacation includes golf, but jetting across the pond to St. Andrews is not practical, there is a closer-to-home,equally impressive option just waiting to welcome Lifestyle Asset Group investors.

Renowned as "the home of American golf," Pinehurst, North Carolina is a destination which boasts legendary links, luxurious accommodations and beautiful surroundings. If you love golf, you don't want to miss the ambiance of The Cottages at National Golf Club at Pinehurst. As a shareholder of Lifestyle Asset Group's LifestyleOne, the National Golf Club at Pinehurst is now one of 70 bonus destination just waiting for Lifestyle Asset Group investors.

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Enjoy Florence 'As You Like It' for a Unique Vacation

Even the most committed "homebodies" periodically benefit from getting away from home. When the getting away can be to a luxurious suite in a refurbished private palazzo in Florence, it is definitely a bonus. This Elite Alliance bonus can be yours as an investor in one of Lifestyle Asset Group's unique equity ownership models. In addition to collective ownership of six luxurious "second homes", Lifestyle Asset Group owners gain access to more than 70 of the world's most exquisite and sought-after resort destinations.

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You Can Own a Share of Luxury on One of the Best Islands in the World - Maui, Hawaii.

TripAdvisor recently released their Traveler's Choice Awards for 2016. The #1 ranked island in the world? Maui, Hawaii. The good news? This island is a featured destination in Lifestyle Asset Group's real estate investment portfolio, LifestyleOne, LLC.

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Investing in Luxury Real Estate is Not Only Safe, But Wise

When investors are looking for a venture to build their wealth, purchasing real estate is usually at the top of the list for secure, useful investments. The last ten years or so have been shaky for the real estate market. However, according to one study, a particular niche in the real estate market has been steadily growing all along.

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Luxury Residential Real Estate Values are on the Rise

For affluent investors, luxury real estate is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a financial asset. People want to know that their properties are not only safe investments, but also likely to grow in value. At the same time, they wish to enjoy the material benefits of a secondary home. According to a 2015 Wealth-X report, while the general real estate market recovers from recession, the value of residences owned by affluent individuals has risen 8% in the past year alone.

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Fractional Real Estate: Vacation Ownership Your Way

Fractional real estate was born out of necessity as developers who were building luxury vacation homes at some of the country's largest ski destinations were running out of slope-side space to build. With most of the existing homes sitting vacant for most of the year, the concept of shared ownership became an almost obvious choice. Today's fractional real estate industry has changed since it first burst onto the real estate scene several decades ago, and there are now several different models that are successful, including collective asset ownership. Although each model is slightly different, they are all based on the concept of shared ownership in a high-end vacation property.

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