3 Reasons to Invest in Multi-Fractional Vacation Real Estate

What does a slope-side ski villa, a waterfront retreat and an urban getaway all have in common? They can all be yours with one affordable capital contribution when you invest in multi-fractional vacation real estate. The decades-old model of fractional ownership where several entities own one vacation home is still a viable concept, but there is new innovation that makes more sense for the right investor. Through collective asset ownership, like that offered by Lifestyle Asset Group, investors can buy into a fractional-like concept, but instead of owning a 1/8th - 1/12th interest in one residence in just one destination, you can now own a 1/8th share in six residences in six unique destinations. This model takes the sound financial sense inherent in traditional fractional ownership and combines it with the flexibility and variety found in destination clubs for a vacation ownership model that just makes better sense.

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How Fractions Make Sense When Smartly Investing Into Fractional Homes

Fractional homes have started to hit the limelight as the ideal vacation home opportunity for those who need to just get away from it all and head to a luxury resort destination. No fuss and no mess. You don't have to do the cooking or cleaning. You don't have to make any home repairs. Have all the 5-star amenities in a great neighborhood so you and your kids can enjoy a wonderful vacation.

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