The Best Places to Relax and Shop in Los Cabos

By Karla Jones


One reason to go on a luxury vacation to Los Cabos is to get away for a while and relax so you can come home rejuvenated. A spa day in decadent surroundings and shopping for unique treasures can be a great way to recharge on your getaway trip. Take a look at our list below to know exactly where to go when you arrive in Cabo.


Luxury surroundings, treatments to invigorate, and products using native plants can be found at some of the best spas in Los Cabos.

Esperanza Resort Spa

Esperanza Resort Spa is world-renowned and was named the number one spa in Latin America by Travel + Leisure.  All treatments are tailored to your specific needs and you'll leave feeling like a new person.

Armonia Spa

The largest spa in Cabo, Armonia Spa has attracted celebrities like John Travolta, Cindy Crawford, and Kim Cattrall. They, and many others, have enjoyed treatments that help the mind as well as the body. Armonia was named one of the best spas in Mexico and Central America in 2013.


After a day spent in the spa being massaged, exfoliated, and refreshed, shopping is a good way to have some fun while finding treasures you can't live without.

Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall

The Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall carries some of the most famous brands in the world including Cartier and Burberry. What you'll find to buy is not the only reason to go - the mall was designed with luxury in mind and features special touches like quartz columns, marble and granite floors, and much more.

The Shoppes at Palmella

The Shoppes at Palmella offer shoppers an outdoor shopping experience like none other. The location overlooks the Sea of Cortez and people come to enjoy the views. In addition to the boutiques, you may want to stay for any one of the wine tastings, music concerts, or art exhibits the Shoppes at Palmella frequently provide.

Taking in the beautiful scenery in Los Cabos may be part of your luxury vacation plans, but there are other ways to relax while you're there. Your trip won't be complete without a few days of spa treatments and shopping in gorgeous surroundings.

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