Lifestyle Asset Group Adds 70 Destinations for Investors to Enjoy

By Rich Keith


Lifestyle Asset Group's Collective Asset Ownership model was created to resonate with those who want to be true investors in quality resort and city real estate, which translates into meaningful equity and gains in values from the underlying properties.

The destinations of LifestyleOne were chosen by 1,000s of high net worth survey participants who submitted their top 6 destinations in which they would want to own a luxury second home (defined as $1m or above). While potential for appreciation was a big factor in the selection process, equally important was access to a robust resort amenity infrastructure for our LLC owners to enjoy.  With glowing testimonials over the last year from our LifestyleOne owners, and a 30% increase in their equity, we are confident the destination choices were good ones.

There are dozens of vacation travel options available in the luxury marketplace today that allow a “pay as you go” solution to resort travel, including VRBO, Inspirato, Airbnb, and other nightly or weekly rental solutions. But Lifestyle Asset Group does not compete in that sector.  

Our investors want ownership and equity.

Becoming a shareholder of LifestyleOne, LLC is a decision to invest in the future of quality real estate, and potentially be rewarded financially for doing so, while also enjoying the homes in the portfolio for your precious vacation time with family and friends.

That said, there is no doubt that today's investor also has a wanderlust to travel to other exotic destinations outside of their investment portfolio. Lifestyle Asset Group can now give you the keys that will open the doors to over 70 luxury residences in world class vacation destinations including the US, Mexico, Italy, Argentina and Panama.

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Lifestyle Asset Group now offers a game changing enhancement for shareholders of our LLCs.

The equity owners of Lifestyle Asset Group not only enjoy travel to the owned assets of their LLC that they are invested in for capital gains, but they can now seamlessly travel to a world class portfolio of non owned assets, made possible through a ground breaking business agreement between Lifestyle Asset Group and Elite Alliance, LLC.

Their footprint of destinations includes stunning residences in many of the world’s most coveted resort communities, 70 destinations and growing, all available to Lifestyle Asset Group shareholders simply by using their awarded annual travel points from their shareholder account. 

Under this agreement with Elite Alliance, an investor in any of our LLCs can enjoy endless amounts of vacation time in an exclusive portfolio of non-owned residences worldwide - all managed by some of the very best brands in the world, such as Auberge, The Four Seasons, The Christie Club, The Private Residences Club at Rosemary Beach, Tucker’s Point in the Bahamas, Calistoga Ranch in Napa, CA and many more. Access to these award winning destinations are included in the annual costs as a Lifestyle Asset Group shareholder under the terms of this remarkable business agreement. This creates the very best of both worlds for all shareholders: you are an investor in the owned asset portfolio while having unprecedented travel rights within a global footprint of non-owned assets. 

For those who wish for the perfect combination of investment and travel choices, your wish just came true.

Here are a just a few resorts that have plenty of summer availability right now:

To fully understand how the reservations work within the investment portfolio and now these 70 added destinations, please contact us today. We will provide a username and password to explore the new destination calendars.

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