Keep Active in a Low-Key Way When in St. John

By Karla Jones


The beauty of having your own vacation villa on an island like St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, aside from the beauty all around you, is that when you are there you feel no compunction to play the tourist role on any set schedule. 

When you know you can return again and again to the comfort of familiar surroundings, you are free to experience island life exactly the way it should be enjoyed -- in a leisurely and relaxed fashion. As an equity partner in the LifestyleOne portfolio, you have that luxury. The 4-bedroom, 4-bath exclusive villa on St. John affords you not only spectacular views of the island's bays, your own pool, and plenty of space to accommodate family and friends, but it is yours to enjoy as often as you like during the 7-year investment term.

Nature at its Finest

While you are in residence, whatever time of year that may be, there will be a plethora of options to get you out of the house, even though St. John is usually considered the quietest of the trio making up the USVI. Two thirds of its land area comprises the Virgin Islands National Park, offering a glimpse of the island the way it existed before it was "discovered." There are adventures to be had simply exploring the park at leisure, driving to the farthest reaches of the island for a picnic, finding secluded beaches to enjoy and easy trails to hike, exploring the ruins of an ancient sugar mill, or watching the antics of native "wild" donkeys.

Yearly Festivals

Sailing is a way of life in the islands. Coral Bay Yacht Club sponsors an annual Thanksgiving Regatta; St. John Yacht Club holds three or four yearly regattas; annual events sponsored by neighboring St. Thomas sailors encourage island hopping and friendly competition. If you are a sailor, or just want to watch others race for the prize, you are sure to enjoy the frequent matches.

Fishing is also an honored sport; in the summer it becomes serious sport. Although Virgin Islands waters are home to more than 500 fish species, it's the Blue Marlin and billfish tournaments held over the full moons of July and August that attract world-class anglers. If you like fishing, you'll want to be "at home" in the islands at that time, even if all you do is watch!

St. John's Carnival is also held in July, during the week of the Fourth.

Halloween and Christmas are perfect times to bring the young ones to the island. The Caribbean comes alive with fun, decorations, special foods and music. And any holiday celebrated with sun and sand will become a treasured memory. The best part of being at your vacation home during any holiday is that you can bring your own traditions while celebrating in local style as well.

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