Forbes: Regular Travel Is Really Good for You

By Karla Jones


It's something most people instinctively know: Travel is fun. Now comes the news, however, that travel is extraordinarily beneficial.  Taking time to get away from "normal" life is good for body and soul. However, planning for those family vacations can be a hassle. Short, getaway trips to relax and rejuvenate often lose out to long weekends of "doing nothing" at home. 

Even a short-term escape from daily routine -- on a regular basis -- can reduce stress, sharpen mental acuity, retard aging, keep relationships strong, increase awareness and build social ties. The verdict is resoundingly reinforced by a diverse group of authorities, from medical doctors who note that frequent travelers have fewer bouts with disease, to efficiency experts who point to travel as a way to prioritize and deal with problems. 

Travel Boosts Vitality, Builds Resilience, and Expands Perspectives

It doesn't seem to matter much how one travels: A biking trip through the Appalachians, a theater weekend in New York City, or a painting tour to Tuscany seem to enjoy equal benefits. The message is to do what you like, alone or with a group, but do it often.

One great way to approach travel is by making a decision to invest in Lifestyle Asset Group's unique vacation home ownership model. It will not only impact the health of your body and brain, but it is a way to provide for future financial well-being as well. 

Now, as an equity owner of six luxury homes in the LifestyleOne portfolio, you also have access to a group of more than 70 luxurious properties across the globe. Through an exclusive association with Elite Alliance, owners may reserve stays whenever and wherever by making a single phone call. Today, more than ever before, the world is at your doorstep and there is little reason to wait to experience it all.

Select one of your owned homes for an extended retreat with family or choose to meet business associates for a weekend of golf in North Carolina. Visit Lake Tahoe and tour through California's wine country; see the latest Broadway shows from your home base luxury condo in the city, or sip rum drinks on the patio of your home in St. John. Bask in the beauty of Hawaii or walk through the history of Florence. 

If a nagging voice in your head whispers that such a life might be too self-indulgent, just remind that persistent naysayer that this is exactly the kind of lifestyle today's experts recommend. Then, go for it -- every bit of it!

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