Find Plenty of Flavor in New York's Restaurant Lineup

By Karla Jones


One of the best reasons to visit New York City is the food, right? Whether you're looking for street food in Little Italy, dim sum in Chinatown, the newest classically elegant restaurants, or taste treats from the latest darlings of the celebrity chef circuit, you can be sure to find it in New York. And, when you schedule a visit to your second home in the city, part of the excitement is "eating around."

Newly Opened and Worth Trying:

  • If you like Mexican, you'll most likely love this latest in the lineup by Alex Stupak. Empillon al Pastor, in the East Village, joins his previous pair in the Empillon family. Like the others, it seems to be wildly popular. Everything served is house-made.
  • Gansevoort Market, in the Meatpacking District, is an experience to say the least. You'll find espresso, tacos, crepes, take out sushi, and a lot more. You'll also find fresh produce, a real butcher, deli makings and space to eat if you want to do that. Nothing matches; nothing is coordinated. It's as large in spirit as it is in space - and it's definitely worth a trip.
  • Upland in the Flatiron District is hard to characterize. Call it California Pizza with an Asian twist, a New England soul and an Italian expression. Add in country hospitality and you'd be close to the personality of the place. The food is inventive and delicious.
  • The Lower East Side's entry on the new dining scene is Dirty French. This one created a stir upon opening because of its provenance. The bistro has a magnificent wine list, is located in the new Ludlow Hotel, a jet-setter favorite, and is characterized by a seductive ambiance and an always innovative menu.
  • White Street in TriBeCa is a place where you should always save room for dessert. That may be difficult, however, with noted chef Floyd Cardoz serving up specialties that incorporate local, seasonal fare with favorite ingredients that reflect his roots - spices from India and occasional gasp-worthy hot sauces. 

Secret Places

Yes, a few of the unsigned "knock three times and speak the password" places still exist in the city. Trust us, they're well-known secrets.

  • Sakagura is legend, but may be a bit hard to find. It is tucked into the basement level of an office building not far from Grand Central, and features more than 200 varieties of sake, as well as Japanese tapas-style dishes for lunch and dinner.
  • There's a green door, but no other signage for Hudson Clearwater in the West Village. It has the feel of a clandestine encounter, but you'll be enchanted by the rustic simplicity of the food and the candlelit surroundings.

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