Enjoy Florence 'As You Like It' for a Unique Vacation

By Karla Jones


Even the most committed "homebodies" periodically benefit from getting away from home. When the getting away can be to a luxurious suite in a refurbished private palazzo in Florence, it is definitely a bonus. This Elite Alliance bonus can be yours as an investor in one of Lifestyle Asset Group's unique equity ownership models. In addition to collective ownership of six luxurious "second homes", Lifestyle Asset Group owners gain access to more than 70 of the world's most exquisite and sought-after resort destinations.

Florence, Italy is one of the globe's great destinations. You don't have to love art, appreciate architecture or be a history buff, but it's almost impossible to visit Florence without breathing in the spirit and joy of the place and its people. This is one of those cities where you feel completely alive - whether you are busy every minute or you simply embrace the all-encompassing "lightness of being". 

Built as an elegant residence during the Tuscan Renaissance; Palazzo Tornabuoni is now managed by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as a private club in the heart of Florence. Boasting sumptuous suite accommodations, it will serve as a sophisticated home base for your visit to this legendary city. Florence's centuries-old preeminence as a center of business as well as culture and pleasure is still pervasive today, and it exists as the perfect center from which to explore Tuscany and the whole of Italy. 

If you've seen the sights, but still like returning to this wellspring of art and culture, you can use your time to perfect your gelato-ordering skills, enjoy regional day trips and casual people-watching, practice expressive Italian phrases and compare the sunset view from the Ponte Vecchio from one day to the next. Let our pre-arrival grocery shopping team stock your favorite vintage for sampling on a private terrace before dinner. Settle in to take advantage of everything this special home away from home has to offer. Full business services allow you to keep in touch with your office; you can also keep in shape at the pool, fitness center and sauna/steam room.

In Florence, you don't ever have to be bound by tradition - make time to visit a local leather market rather than the museums, or sample meats, cheeses, wines and gelato as part of a small-group walking tour. Spend some time in a quiet, out-of-the-way garden like the Bardini, or see how many classic Medici symbols you can recognize as you stroll around the city.

Many of the world's treasures are just a phone call away as a LifestyleOne, LLC owner. Explore the possibilities of having the world at your doorstep.

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