Come to the City to Get Away from the City

By Karla Jones


New York is a wonderful city - there's no doubt about it! But, if you've never been up the Hudson to West Point, sailed on Long Island Sound, or seen the green farms and vineyards of Long Island, you owe it to yourself to get out of the city for a day, or for a weekend. Once you're out of the shadow of the skyscrapers, life is slower-paced, people seem more approachable, and the charm of the countryside becomes palpable. 

There are a number of ways to plan an excursion, including train, bus and private car. If you're adventurous, hop a train from Grand Central to West Point, or head out to Long Island with the commuters. There are other options, however.

Consider booking a limousine to whisk your family the 40 miles north to West Point. Plan to take a guided bus tour of the military academy and visit the museum at the nation's oldest military academy. If you can spend two days, book a room at the Thayer Hotel on the grounds where you can order a cocktail in General Patton's Tavern Lounge, enjoy spectacular Hudson River views, and have a gourmet meal at MacArthur's Restaurant. If you stay for a couple of days, take a cruise on the river, tour a nearby winery, visit antiques shops, or play a round of golf at the course in Newburgh before heading back to your midtown Manhattan condo.

A limo is the perfect way to tour Long Island wineries as well. Both day trips and overnights are available, and some organized tours will arrange for a gourmet box lunch, a catered meal at one of the wineries, or a stop for dinner on the return trip to the city. The further east you travel on Long Island, the more agricultural it becomes. Green grocers and farm stands abound, and you can purchase local produce, crafts, jams and jellies, and seasonal decorations, including pumpkins and pine boughs in the fall.

An adventure of a far different nature that only a few people experience is a day charter on a sailboat or a motor yacht. Cruise New York Harbor amidst the commercial traffic and ferries as you watch airliners make their approaches to local airports. See the Statue of Liberty from an unforgettable vantage point. Head towards the Narrows Bridge and the historic forts on either side, or follow the East River between Queens and The Bronx, past the United Nations, traveling along the Brooklyn shoreline, past La Guardia Airport and the infamous Riker's Island, and into Long Island Sound. You'll find a captain ready to welcome you aboard, whether your party numbers 2 or 20. Arrange an itinerary in advance; you might even wish to spend a night docked at a marina. In pleasant weather, being on a private vessel is the perfect way to escape the city's crowds.

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