Be Open to New Insights in New York City

By Karla Jones


"There are eight million stories in the naked city." The conclusion to the 1948 film concludes with the line, "…this has been one of them."

When you visit your condo in the heart of midtown Manhattan, you become the star of one of the best stories you can imagine. With every visit, you will have an opportunity to write another chapter. 

A Smart Move

As one of 50 equity owners in this and 5 other properties, you have access to the kind of vacations that few can dream, in addition to a compelling investment model that involves no debt over a defined seven-year term.

Your home in the city occupies an entire floor in an elegant Turtle Bay building that could have been the subject matter for some of those 1948 stories. Several of the great names in the entertainment world called this area home. A private elevator will take you to your front door, where a two-bedroom, two-bath, fully-furnished apartment with a wrap-around balcony and sweeping city vistas awaits you. It is the epitome of luxury. 

Writing your own stories as you explore New York City is a matter of personal choice. Broadway shows, fine dining, cultural diversity, world-class shopping, and a lot of history await you.

Getting Off the Beaten Track in the Big City

A tour of Ellis Island offers not only a glimpse of New York and U.S. history, but also can be a pathway to your own history. A visit to this compound in upper New York Harbor has an emotional hook for anyone who counts immigrant ancestors, and the stories of Ellis Island comprise much more than simple history. They become personal. You can spend some time in the archives to explore your own family history, or inscribe a name on the Wall of Honor. You'll emerge with new understanding and respect. You'll also learn that much of Ellis Island is now actually in New Jersey, thanks to a Supreme Court decision!

An extended walk through Central Park enlivens history. As you pass by the many features of this oasis, with its ponds, paths and landscaping, its buildings, museums and art, you cannot help but be impressed by the vision and the determination that helped define it and preserve it. While walking is one of the best ways to experience Central Park, you can also rent a bike, book a tour, or even ride in a horse-drawn carriage through some of the park. Sail a toy yacht in the pond, visit the zoo, spend some time people watching, and enjoy yourself with no schedule to keep.

A visit to the United Nations campus along the East River will also offer a new perspective on world affairs and global problems. Especially if you have children or grandchildren, a tour of the buildings, the grounds, the art and the sentiments that contributed to the 1945 founding of the UN can become a teachable moment. You can even make reservations for lunch in the Delegate's Dining Room before returning to your New York home situated not far away. 

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