36 Hours in Los Cabos

By Karla Jones


We've done our research and Los Cabos is always voted one of the top vacation destinations by travelers. The New York Times seems to think so, too. In a video entitled "36 Hours in Los Cabos", the New York Times explores some of the most popular and more surprising things to do on a trip to Los Cabos.

Rich Variety in Nature, People and Culture

Los Cabos is a place where the desert meets the ocean. This startling juxtaposition of dry, sparse land touching brilliant, clear ocean waters is unique to the region. It's also a diverse gathering place where people from many nationalities come to vacation, and end up staying permanently. The cultural diversity mixes with Old-World Mexican heritage to make a unique overall culture and ambiance. This, combined with 350 days of sunshine a year, makes it an ideal location for second home ownership.

Los Cabos has been called the "Aquarium of the World", and for good reason. Within the waters of Los Cabos, visitors may encounter a vast number of water creatures, as the region contains 39 percent of the world's marine mammals, as well as other ocean life. Snorkeling and diving is a common pastime, and sites are available for people of all ability levels.

Dining in Style

The true dining gems in Los Cabos are sometimes off the beaten path. Take Tacos Gardenias, for example. Here diners can get tacos made from everything from fish and shrimp to carnitas, yet the establishment rarely advertises. Its business comes almost entirely from word of mouth - a good sign it's worth checking out.

Flora Farms, an organic farm in Los Cabos, offers a farm-to-table experience. Guests can dine on dishes made from produce grown right in the middle of the Los Cabos desert. For fresh caught seafood made to order, head to El Farallon. Sitting on a bluff in the Capella Pedregal hotel, this restaurant combines stunning vistas with fresh-caught seafood.

Adventure Awaits in Los Cabos

A visit to Los Cabos is about more than just dining, however. Here you can find something of interest for anyone. For an adrenaline rush, consider tackling the Flyboard. This unique water sport takes a wakeboard and pushes it into the air with jetting water, giving you the unforgettable experience of flying over the ocean. For thrills on the ground, Wild Canyon Adventure Course will send you soaring across the canyons of Los Cabos or driving across a suspended bridge on an ATV.

For those with a more refined sense of adventure, the art scene in the town of Todos Santos is waiting to be discovered. The galleries of the San Jose del Cabo Art District are open late with wine flowing liberally, creating a refined party atmosphere. At the end of a day exploring, the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Spa offers luxurious pampering.

With all that Los Cabos offers, it is a place you can return again and again and always find a new adventure or experience. LifestyleOne, LLC includes a breathtaking private residence in the gated Esperanza Resort, giving you a private retreat just 300 yards from the area's pristine beaches. To experience Los Cabos whenever the fancy suits you and retain the flexibly to visit other stunning destinations as well, consider investing in LifestyleOne.

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