3 Ways to Enjoy a Romantic Getaway in Los Cabos

By Karla Jones


A little more than 3 hours from San Francisco by plane, Cabo San Lucas calls to people from all walks of life to enjoy its numerous sandy beaches, aquatic wildlife, and land-based adventures. If you decide to leave the kids at home, here are 3 fun ways to enjoy a romantic getaway in Los Cabos.

1. Cruise Along The Ocean Waves

Luxury cruises are abundant at Cabos San Lucas. Sunset cruises provide excellent food, an open bar and the beautiful scenic views while out on the ocean waters. Depending on the cruise you select, you can see famous sights such as Lover's Beach and the Los Cabos Arch "El Arco" rock formations. The Los Cabos Luxury Sunset Sail sets a romantic atmosphere with unlimited drinks and delighful snacks. For a more private and luxury experience, charter a sailboat or luxury yacht and control the destination of your voyage. 

2. Go On Underwater Adventures

Cabos San Lucas provides a variety of underwater adventures from snorkeling and scuba diving and to using a mini-sub for 4 hours. Scuba dive at Sand Falls and reach down to depths of 120 feet to see unique tropical fish. To dive in shallower waters (30 to 70 feet), head to Sea Lion Colony. If you want to see the marine life without getting wet, you can go kayaking or take a 4-hour paddleboard lesson.

3. Enjoy On-Shore Activities

From lounging on Lover's Beach to taking an ATV ride across the desert, Cabos San Lucas will let you have as much fun on the land as you did on the water. Once you have had your fill of adventure, enjoy the Couple's Clay Bake or Damiana Alegre treatment at the Esperanza  Resort Spa and let the aches and stress melt away. Afterward, enjoy shopping at the Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall and end the day at Hacienda Cocina -  a landmark dining experience enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. 

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