Articles by Karla Jones

The Secret is Out: St. George Island of Apalachicola Bay, Florida

The "Forgotten Coast" of Florida

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New York Times: "As Markets Waver, the Rich Park Money in Luxury Homes"

Have wavering markets caused you to consider investing in the luxury real estate market this year? You're not the only one, according to Kerry Hannon of The New York Times.

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Chicago Tribune: "Small Town, Big Thrills Await Skiers in Telluride"

As interest grows in our newest single destination LLC in Telluride, Colorado, we continue to hear praise for this amazing ski town tucked away in the San Juan Mountains. Most recently, Randall Weissman of the Chicago Tribune explores the thrills awaiting skiers both on and off the mountain:

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Denver Post: "In Telluride's Mountain Village, Buy a Corporate Share and Use this Ski Chalet"

Last Sunday, Lifestyle Asset Group's newest vacation home offering was featured in a Denver Post article written by Mark Samuelson. The article outlines the unique benefits of investing in a Lifestyle Asset Group LLC - specifically the stunning vacation home in Telluride, CO:

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5 ways Lifestyle Asset Group Improves Upon the Fractional Real Estate Model



A breed of vacation home ownership is once again gaining steam that allows individuals to share ownership of a vacation property. Think of it like this: A whole pie may look delicious, but it doesn’t make financial sense to buy the entire dessert if you are just having a few bites. However, if you split the cost among several buyers and ensure that everyone gets a slice, then the purchase makes sense.

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Forbes: Regular Travel Is Really Good for You

It's something most people instinctively know: Travel is fun. Now comes the news, however, that travel is extraordinarily beneficial.  Taking time to get away from "normal" life is good for body and soul. However, planning for those family vacations can be a hassle. Short, getaway trips to relax and rejuvenate often lose out to long weekends of "doing nothing" at home. 

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Let Golf Be Your Game As You Enjoy Tahoe's Natural Beauty

As a busy executive, you know that the right timing is often the catalyst that drives a successful deal. The same is true with vacations. Seizing an opportunity for a short vacation trip is every bit as important as knowing the proper moment to act on a business proposal.

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Pinehurst Beckons Golfers: As a Lifestyle Asset Group Investor, Visit When You Wish

If your ideal vacation includes golf, but jetting across the pond to St. Andrews is not practical, there is a closer-to-home,equally impressive option just waiting to welcome Lifestyle Asset Group investors.

Renowned as "the home of American golf," Pinehurst, North Carolina is a destination which boasts legendary links, luxurious accommodations and beautiful surroundings. If you love golf, you don't want to miss the ambiance of The Cottages at National Golf Club at Pinehurst. As a shareholder of Lifestyle Asset Group's LifestyleOne, the National Golf Club at Pinehurst is now one of 70 bonus destination just waiting for Lifestyle Asset Group investors.

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