Fractional Real Estate Has Decreased $1.647 Billion in the last 10 years. Here is Why:


In the latest Ragatz and Associates Annual Report, which analyzes data on the Fractional and Private Residence Club sectors, there are a number of data points offered and  most of it does not need any real interpretation. However, there is one very significant point made in the report that begs for some discussion, as the statistics are startling. In particular: 

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Lifestyle Asset Group is Changing the Way We think About Vacation Home Ownership; Starting with 30A, Florida.

30A, Florida

In recent years, there have been many “game changers”in the world,  defined by people or companies who are reinventing and revolutionizing long established beliefs and practices in certain industries. As an example,the introduction of automobile leasing  changed how automobiles were acquired. Prior to the 1980’s, 100% of all automobile transactions were purchases. 100%! Today, nearly 40% of new automobile transactions are leased. A simple, yet great example of a "game changer”. 

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Real Estate Investment Purchases Outweigh Vacation Home Purchases in 2015

Why choose? You can have both a return on investment and a return on enjoyment with Lifestyle Asset Group

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5 ways Lifestyle Asset Group Improves Upon the Fractional Real Estate Model


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Lifestyle Asset Group Offers Fantastic Vacations, Smart Real Estate Investing and Great Returns.

 When it comes to real estate investing, two key factors lead to success: finding the right location and timing the market.

Lifestyle Asset group got both right with the NYC acquisition for their AtlanticOne shareholders. After months of searching, the team toured 14 apartments in NYC and rejected every one due to lack of charm, undesirable location, and many other factors.  Then, in October of 2104, they found the perfect apartment in the right location and knew the time was right to buy. And good thing, because after our full price, all-cash offer was accepted, four other offers came in within the next 24 hours.   This decision proved to be a very good one, as evidenced by the increases in the Manhattan real estate market in 2015.

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Real Estate Continues to Appreciate and Beat Inflation

 Case-Shiller recently released their report for the month ending June 2015, and the appreciation trend in real estate continues. For the period ending June 2015, home prices showed a 4.5 percent appreciation nationwide over the prior year ending June 2014. This current gain in appreciation is nice for investors who find real estate as a safe investment to protect their money and ward off inflation. 

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Thinking of a buying a beach home? Read this first.

At some point, nearly everyone fantasizes a bit about the allure of owning a beach home. And why not? Time at the beach with family and friends ranks on the top 3 wish list for most people as the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean are undeniably hypnotic. But behind the romance of all this lies a stark reality that stuns most when they discover this one fact: the cost of insurance in hurricane zones.

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The New World of Esperanza in Los Cabos is Better than Ever

Esperanza Resort, the gated community insulating PacificOne’s Los Cabos villa, is a highly preferred destination for discerning travelers.

When Hurricane Odile devastated the area in September 2014, Esperanza was one of the first resorts to reinvent itself and reopen with new and updated amenities. In a way, this 5 star resort has been "reborn," along with much of the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. Auberge Resorts took this opportunity to renovate existing buildings, refurbish all guest suites and existing villas, and make many other upgrades to the Esperanza Resort in the last year. Some of our favorite Esperanza Resort renovations include:

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